Interim Management

Do you have a staffing shortage in your company?

We assign you an experienced HR manager in a quick and easy way.

No matter whether you are looking for a HR professional  for specialised projects in your company or whether you need further support to fulfill your day to day business – there is no need to worry! Your Wolkenrot Interim Manager is at your service and manages your HR topics in the twinkling of an eye!

We assembled the best experts for our team and guarantee that you will be supported by the HR professional that fits you and your company perfectly. You will benefit incredibly from the know-how of an external HR manager.

Interim Management is be the perfect solution for absences due to illnesses or rapid leavings and for medium term planning like maternity leave, sabbaticals or restructuring projects.

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Your Wolkenrot HR manager matches your needs perfectly!

We support you with ideas and dedication!

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is temporary management and offers maximum flexibility for using top HR managers!

Interim managers accompany companies in difficult phases and complement the team both in consulting and operational terms.

Is using an Interim HR Manager necessary?


The Interim HR Manager is a professional in his field, he has many years of experience as an HR manager and provides cross-industry tips and tricks!

Does it take long until your Interim Manager gets productive?


Your Wolkenrot Interim Manager finds out all aspects of tasks in no time and starts on the spot.

Are there any advantages of HR Interim Management compared to traditional HR consulting?


Your Interim Manager becomes part of your company and directly familiar with its culture. He therefore offers you tailored support for your company. Wolkenrot Interim Managers do not only provide concepts but also fend for their implementing!

Companys benefit from the operative experience our HR managers have gained in different organisations over the past years.

Why is Interim Management the best solution?

Companies benefit from the know-how of well-versed experts. When an Interim Manager is needed, he is immediately available to fill operational and capacitive gaps!

When do I profit the most by using an HR Interim Manager?

In cases of shortages due to absences, increased workload and restructuring!

Not only when staffing shortages, dropouts, maternity leaves or sabbaticals occur but also when special projects need special support of  an HR Expert. Your HR specialist helps you with words and deeds during the whole period of extra workload.

What are the advangtages of hiring an Interim Manager?

Flexibility – Wolkenrot Managers are flexible and available at short notice. You have complete control of the project and therefore also on the costs.

Productivity – With the kick-off of the project the HR Manager start working immediatly. You save time and long termed training on the job!

Insourcing of knowledge – Wolkenrot Interim Manager have experiences far beyond your business. You will gain an enduring benefit from their know-how!

Is contracting an Interim Manager more expensive than hiring an employee?

Not necessarily.

On grounds of having long termed experience we are able to work quickly and efficiently. You will save costs on hiring, training and wage labour costs as well as additional expenses for holidays and illnesses.

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