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We successfully supported these companies

„We were looking for a professional solution to face our special needs in HR. Complex tasks in labour law required an expert who thinks outside the box. I am convinced that the external expert had the special view and the best method to solve our questions in HR in a perfect and quick way.“

Christian Wieszner, CEO, Alcon Ophthalmika GmbH

“It was the best choice to bridge my absence with using an Interim Manager. Wolkenrot was the first place to go since they have a good reputation on the market. Being able to choose between various profiles made the process a whole lot easier. Our Interim Manager started working in no time and after my return I could continue right away. I can strongly recommend this approach to anyone planning to be absent for a limited time.”

Mag. Barbara Stimpfl-Abele, Chief Human Resources Officer, Wolf Theiss

“At first I had my doubts if Interim Management could work at our company. From the very first conversation on a foundation of trust was created – thus we decided to try it. Our Interim Manager quickly picked up the important topics, became part of our team and supported us in all HR disciplines professionally and sensibility for the TTTech company culture. We could absorb the shortage with this approach and profited enormously from an external HR manager. Altogether it has been a very positive experience!”

Stephanie Kernmayer-Starlinger, Human Resource Manager, TTTech Computertechnik AG

“Wolkenrot’s interim support has proved its worth for the Vienna Insurance Group. The cooperation was very pleasant and Wolkenrot has been very reliable. Every project was completed successfully!“

Dr. Birgit Moosmann, Head Human Resources, Vienna Insurance Group

“MOL Austria HR and Management is absolutely satisfied with professional advisory support we receive from our HR advisor. He is very fast in his reaction with emphasized sense of urgency for the matters and issues, reliable and reachable anytime even during his holidays, demonstrating strong stakeholder management (always sharing his agenda and calendar in advance in case of planned absences). He understands various topics quick based on a very short brief and elaborates solutions fast while offering several scenarios and options, considering the risks. Utmost everything, working with our HR advisor provides us sense of security in his solutions and positive approach on different issues: white and blue collar overtime handling, understanding the CBAs, special topics in our new Gleitzeit agreement and a very sensitive issue of Elternteilzeit agreement. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with our HR advisor also due to his great personality and communication skills.

It has been a true pleasure working with our HR advisor and we would like to have him as a consultant in the future.”

Jelena Rajcevic, HR Manager, Mol Austria & Germany

“Baumeister Schenk GesmbH is very concerned about arranging work and family life, which is why it offers its employees a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours.
Juggling this flexibility and labor law has for many years been a major and sometimes irresolvable challenge. Despite consulting from various HR managers, only unsatisfactory solutions were found. Where labor law was actually intended to protect workers, it now led to the employees’ disadvantage.
We were all the more surprised when, after a short consultation with an employee of Wolkenrot Personalmanagement, we received an absolutely satisfactory solution.
We can recommend Wolkenrot Personalmanagement to anyone who needs quick and straightforward solutions.”

Viktoria Kraft, Quality Management and Controlling, Baumeister Schenk GesmbH

“We were facing the great challenge of hiring a new employee in consulting. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in our industry, we were confronted with the almost insoluble task of finding a new employee in this field with limited personnel budget. Wolkenrot supported us in this task with great commitment and empathy. Not only did they professionalise our search process, but they were always a mental support when I was frustrated with the situation on the job market. They were the reason why I regained my courage, pushed myself, and kept coming up with new ideas. In the end we found a great new employee thanks to the great support from Wolkenrot!

Wolkenrot has not only taken care of the recruiting process but also coached us in the onboarding process. Even after that, Wolkenrot was always supporting me if I had any questions.”

Stefan Herbeck, CEO, consult24 GmbH