Who is Wolkenrot? What is our mission?

About Us

Wolkenrot is the partner for companies in all subjects of HR and the partner for sales of  HR freelancers in Austria.

It is our mission to put people together that belong to each other. Everyone benefits from eachother’s strengths.

For Companies:

You get support from HR experts in a quick and uncomplicated way and make sure that your HR topics will be finished at all times.

For HR freelancers:

You will have a strong partner who handles your sales and marketing tasks for you and helps you to get in touch with interessting projects and customers.

Whats the story behind the name Wolkenrot?

Cirrus-, Stratus- und Cumulus-Clouds: According to the weather the clouds build differnt formations. Just like them we are a flexible partner in HR for a variety of companies and form our team from your expectations.

The colour red stands for power and energy and for our ambitions to  solve all the challenges that we are confronted with in HR business.