Who is Wolkenrot? What is our mission?

About Us

Wolkenrot is the contact for companies in all areas of HR and the sales partner for independent HR professionals in Austria.

We have made it our mission to bring together those who belong together. Each should benefit from the strengths of the other.

For companies:

You get fast and uncomplicated support through Experienced HR Interim Managers:inside and we ensure that your HR agendas are handled optimally at all times.

For independent HR Managers

You have a strong partner who will take over sales and marketing tasks from you and assign you to different customers and projects according to your strengths and experience.

Where does the name Wolkenrot come from?

Cirrus, stratus and cumulus clouds: Depending on the weather conditions, clouds form different formations. We are the flexible partner for companies in HR and shape our team of experts exactly according to the respective requirements.

Red embodies the power and energy with which we unerringly and quickly solve demanding challenges.