The HR Interim Manager

What does an HR Interim Manager do?

Interim originates from the Latin and means “meanwhile, underneath”.

Wolkenrot Interim stands for: Innovative, Needful, Transparent, Efficient, Rapid, Individual and Modern.

An HR Interim Manager has accumulated years of experience as an HR manager in various companies and offers visions and solutions that go beyond industry boundaries.

The HR Interim Manager becomes part of the HR team and adapts perfectly to the requirements and corporate culture.

The HR Interim Manager accompanies projects for which capacity and know-how are missing. The HR Interim Manager is a specialist in all areas of Human Resources!

That’s how our HR professionals describe their job:

I love my job's diversity and complexity!
I get to know a wide range of companies and industries. I always find it exciting to face new challenges!
I greatly appreciate the combination of consulting and operative doing!