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HR Projects

As an internal service provider, the HR department is confronted with ever increasing demands on the part of company management and employees. Change processes in companies, cost pressure and the requirement to react optimally to new trends on the labor market pose great challenges for HR employees.

Wolkenrot provides you with technical experts for demanding projects. Our flexible team not only relieves your personnel department, but you also benefit from external know-how at affordable costs.

We are professionals in all common HR topics and develop innovative tools and methods for you to make your HR team fit for the future.

In these Special situations, we immediately take action:

“We are introducing a new HR software and want to get advice.”

“Do you also do trainings, moderations and workshops?”

“We want to establish an agile culture in the company. Who of you can accompany us here? “

“We heard that you guys are grassroots professionals in HR. What’s this?”

“We want to conduct an employee survey.”

“Do you also do 360-degree feedback?”

Workday or Success Factors?


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