5 questions to

Martin Eckert

Foto von Martin Eckert in schwarz-weiß

The “5 wolkenrot” questions

What is the coolest part of your job?

The variety of tasks. As a freelancer, no day is like the other!

Which HR topic do you enjoy the most?

All topics related to organization and personnel and / or management development – especially supporting the organisation in times of change.

Which personality (historical or famous) would you like to meet?

Talking to Barack Obama or Justin Trudeau would be very appealing. I would have loved to talk to Steve de Shazer but unfortunately it is not possible any more.

Which book had an influence on you?

I do not like reading that much and consequently I do not read much. I finished “Führen mit Hirn” by Sebastian Purps-Pardigol recently, because it was very impressing.

You get a wish for free! What do you wish for?

Peaceful coexistence in this world. More than ever in times like these…