5 questions to

Tanya Pagani

Foto von Tanya Pagani in schwarz-weiß

The “5 wolkenrot” questions

What is the coolest part of your job?

For me the best thing about my job is the variety. The opportunity to meet many different companies and people, to work with them and to support them makes me happy. I like developing new ideas and concepts, I love helping companies in finding the right employees and I also love the magic of the beginning, which goes hand in hand with every new interim mandate.

Which HR topic do you enjoy the most?

As a generalist, I am enthusiastic about almost every topic in HR. Almost every topic. I am not a born payroll accountant and I have the greatest respect for everyone who is well-versed in this topic (and likes to help me with tricky questions). ????

Which personality (historical or famous) would you like to meet?

Princess Diana really interested me. There is something very special about her that has attracted so many people into her spell – even far beyond her death. Thus, it would have been exciting for me to meet her personally.

Which book had an influence on you?

A book that has really left a lasting impression on me is Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane. I suffered greatly with Effi and felt her destiny as a heavenly injustice.

You get a wish for free! What do you wish for?

A healthy and happy family!