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Birgit Slotta-Bachmayr

Photo by Birgit Slotta-Bachmayr in black and white

The 5 Wolkenrot questions

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

The cool thing about my job is that every project is different – the industry, the organization, the people, the goals, the content, the needs,…- and I get to use my experience, know-how and creativity to develop and implement the right solutions together with the client.

Which topic in HR do you enjoy the most?

As an organizational consultant, coach and work psychologist, I prefer to deal with the topics of organizational, personnel and leadership development. One of my hobbies is to identify and individually design necessary changes as well as their effects together with the client.

Who would you like to meet in person? (famous / historical person)

Frida Kahlo fascinates me as a woman with her biography and as an artist with her expressive paintings.

Which book impressed you the most?

A book that has accompanied me since my youth is “Nevertheless Say Yes to Life” by Viktor Frankl. In my leadership and management work, one of his quotes has guided me. “The will to meaning determines our lives! If you want to motivate people and demand performance, you have to offer opportunities for meaning”.

You have a wish, what do you wish for?

I wish that equality between men and women is lived by all.