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Alexandra Schlömmer

Alexandra Schlömmer bw

The 5 Wolkenrot questions

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

The incredible breadth of companies and HR topics experienced through client projects. Excitement is constantly provided for.

Which topic in HR do you enjoy the most?

It’s the variety that excites me the most! One of the highlights for me is working with executives and working with them as a sparring partner to design solutions for their challenges. Due to my studies in psychology I also like to deal with personality diagnostics and development coaching for executives based on it;

Who would you like to meet in person? (famous / historical person)

There are some. What impresses me the most are the people who fight for their convictions and do what they think is right For me, that would be e.g. Helga Kromp-Kolb or Richard David Precht on environmental, climate and animal protection or also Klaus Maria Brandauer, who impresses me very much as an actor.

Which book impressed you the most?

I have four of them, all by Joachim Meyerhoff; His (mostly) autobiographical novels are funny, sad and exciting at the same time. My personal favorite tape is “When will things finally get back to the way they never were.”

You have a wish, what do you wish for?

For me, the insight of mankind that it is important to protect our earth and climate as the basis of all our lives is at the top of the list;